Lean On Me

 I'm listening to Lean On Me by Michael Bolton (Original from Bill Withers) and working on some stuffs at cafe right now. On the streets in Japan, everybody is waiting for the coming holiday season called Christmas, you know. Christmas songs not for God but lovers here, are sung everywhere and many companies are getting busier for that promotions.
This season always reminds me of the Weinachtens in Deutschland and I'm missing it so much. The cozy atmosphere there in Christmas market in Germany is one of my favorites in winter. How do you spend the holidays next month? I hope that will be so special one that you can feel people's heart for all of you. 
 Oh yes, I forgot telling you about some activities I was attending recently. I went to the IKUMI 2015 SS show, worked on shooting with an great actress and last week, I had a shooting for a new crazy band, Palsone(ぱるそねin Japanese). They're from same high school, a group of three, 2girls and 1boy. It was supposed to have a shoot at their old school in Kitatoda but we couldn't for some reasons haha and we found the nice river nearby for it at last. Their conversations were all about the old memories they shared several years ago and I really liked to listen to them.
 Memory is kinda strange things for the others like me then. I couldn't enter to the world in past but it was completely, truly real for them. So on the other words, sharing time is irreplaceable when we make relationship, regardless of how long time passed since we first met. The way we share the time is strongly concerned with the relationship later. I can't forget ever every (only) 5min meetings I shared with you on the street and those still make my day. I'm always happy to meet you but I dunno how much I can be letting you know that. Can you cherish your loved ones by the way they can feel your gratitude?